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Aerius International, developers of green technology high performance cell phones that extend range, battery life and cut battery discards in half. Facilities Located in California and Navada, USA. Patents pending revolutionary energy efficient communication technologies for cellular handset and other mobile wireless communication devices. 70 Years of experience in design, production, and sale of wireless technologies for civilian and military applications worldwide.
Registered Express™ is a simple, web-based service for delivering documents securely with verification. This reliable and inexpensive pay-per-use service does not require any software to install, and each of your transactions is fully documented for later review, retrieval, and verification - for up to seven years.
FIRST CHOICE PRODUCTS INC. is a Canadian Public Company trading on the CNSX in the business of development and release of new, innovative products. This includes designing, acquisition, obtaining patents, manufacturing and marketing. FIRST CHOICE PRODUCTS INC. is focusing on sales of its first two products; Best Scrapbook System and EXTREME GREEN – Premier and Executive lines. FIRST CHOICE PRODUCTS INC. will then allocate funds to expand its product portfolio and become a leader in the regular release of consumer products.

Best Craft Organizer - Scrapbook Storage for Scrapbooking, Paper Storage,  desks, shelves, drawers. Buy furniture, bins, stackables, desks and more online.


Mackin’s Auto Body customers count on professional and reliable auto body service from this third generation, family-owned and operated business.

Modern Machinery is in business to sell and rent high quality heavy equipment and provide exceptional product support to the construction, mining, and forestry industries. Modern Machinery began in 1944 with a single location in Spokane, Washington. Today, Modern operates full service branches in

Pocatello,ID ●Boise, ID ●Missoula,MT ●Billings,MT ●Kalispell,MT ●Eugene,OR ●Portland,OR ● Spokane,WA ●Kent,WA Rochester,WA ●Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia ●Magadan, Russia

Tytan International Inc is the leader in the affordable 4WD Tractor business. They have wide varieties of Implements and Tractors that are Brute Strong with as much as a 40% savings over the competition
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The Science Behind Fisherman’s Eco-Soap:  It works on a sub-microscopic level, described as “colloidal Micelles”.  Fisherman’s Eco-Soap is attracted to oil, grease, and other hydrocarbon molecules.  Billions of micelles surround individual oil molecules and separate (emulsify) them.  Once separated, they can be easily wiped or rinsed away, eliminating oils and scents.  It is a deadly weapon to possess in your fishing arsenal.