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LA Offset Well Opp.
Listing ID: 534


This drill program is available in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. In conjunction with the Operator, the plan is to drill an offset well in the Klump B Oil Sands to produce an estimated 120 barrels of oil per day.

  • Before it collapsed in the 80’s, a single on the lease well was producing at a rate of 120 barrels of oil per day under different operator.  This well is the point for the offset.
  • Estimated 850,000 barrels reserves.
  • Adjacent lease has produced 350,000 BO from same target structure
  • Depth target is 9,700 through 2 sands.

The drill location selected for this well project is located in Acadia Parish, Louisiana within the Iota Dome formation. Prospect "A" sits on a 140 acre lease while prospect "B" resides on a 65 acre lease. With porosity ranging from 23%-26%, the reservoir is bounded by east-west trending faults which intersect to the east forming a pie-shaped fault trap in the area.

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