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OK Well Drill Opp.
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This drilling program located in East Oklahoma and is a single well prospect.  The Operator plans to drill a 3,800’ vertical well in order to produce an excess of 150 BOPD to prove the current lease. Additional prospects exist on the lease and will be part of a later phase.


  • In-Field drilling program (PUD) on historically producing lease in the Wilcox
  • Shallow depth of Wilcox at 3,800’
  • Less than 9 months pay out under low performance projections
  • Estimated 150 BOPD but 400 BOPD would not be unusual.
  • Wilcox wells in Okfuskee County are starting to report good production from vertical drilling programs
  • 30 days or less to production upon financing


Contained in Okfuskee County there is a major competitor who is obtaining leases to the Wilcox, thus increasing prices for leases in the area. Near the lease is a Wilcox well with which IPed 400 BOPD for 90 days with similar geology and equipment before being sold.  As for the owner, he has been in business since 1982 and has worked in the Barnett Shale, Appalachian Basin, and Austin Chalk. Also, like many others in the area, the owner is an independent, growth-oriented energy company engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas with a high success rate.


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