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This drill program is currently available in Upshur County, Texas. In conjunction with the Operator, the plan is to drill and complete a single well in order to produce 2,500 MCFGPD and 50 BCPD.


  • Estimated reserves of 4.5 BCF and 100 MBO.
  • Projected production of 2,500 MCFGPD and 50 BOPD.
  • Similar wells in area have produced over 2.12 BCF and 32 MBO.
  • Of the 154 wells drilled in area, 153 of them have been completed.
  • Multiple pay zones available.
  • Pipeline in place.
  • Secondary formations include the Taylor, Travis Peak, Petit, and the Bossier.
  • Third party engineering analysis completed and available.

The operator is an independent Texas oil and gas company specializing in the exploration and development of promising onshore oil and gas prospects. The operator also has a highly experienced team of geological consultants specializing in the drilling of direct hydrocarbon indicators, utilizing 3-D Seismic technology.


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