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TX Prod. Package
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  • Wells in production since 1960’s through active water flood recovery.
  • Current production is 8-10 BOPD through 3 wells to TD.
  • 1300 Acres on contiguous lease.
  • Remaining reserves of 7-8 MMBO.
  • Present cumulative production of 3.3 MMBO. Last engineering report performed in 1995.
  • McFarland Queen Sand (A &B) TD approximately 4,800’ with average porosity of 12% and average permeability of 12md.
  • 40 Acre spacing.
  • 4% Oil Cut – water being re-injected (9 injectors H-5 compliant) along with water well for additional supply.
  • Equipment value around $500K.

Suggested Play:

Operator/Project seller proposes to initially go through 7" casing on the shut-in well to do a 3,000' lateral leg in order to IP 300 BOPD, which will settle to 150 BOPD for the first year with a 5% decline. There is also about 400 MBO left in recoverable reserves as well. As for the well casing, it was tested at about 1000 psi 6 months ago and was approved by TRRC. The AFE, when being estimated, came out in total at about $900k including drill, completion, and light frac.


Furthermore, the operator/seller suggests to also go through 5" casing on 2 of the producing well to do a 1,200' lateral leg to IP 100 BOPD and eventually settle to 70 BOPD for first year with a 5% decline. With up to 150 MBO of recoverable reserves, the AFE estimate is projected at $500k also including drill completion, and light frac.

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